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Mirazoa S.L. is a Spanish company with the mission to enhance the quality of life of today's people throughout Europe, with focus on Spain and Switzerland.

Mirazoa pursues this mission by collaborating with companies who can contribute to that goal. Such collaborations start with consulting activities ( i.e. Mirazoa Life Science Consulting) and can reach financial
participation up to full ownership (i.e. Lab Electronics Spain).

The international expertise and experience of the founders of Mirazoa S.L. in the fields of health care and consumer electronics predestine Mirazoa as the preferred partner for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and agencies on the search of maximum profit for all stakeholders such as customers, providers, employees and shareholders.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to get a proposal for a tailored strategy to reach your goals or to learn more about the products represented by us!

Christian Frey
Co-founder and CEO

Lab Electronics Spain

Lab Electronics represents the finest audio brands in Switzerland and now in Spain.

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